Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Felisha.  I am from a very small town in Tennessee that only has one red light and a church on every corner.  I have lived here all my life and plan to stay here until the good Lord calls me home, or allows me to move to the beach or the Great Smoky Mountains! I grew up in a great church and was raised by a very spiritual family full of preachers, teachers, and singers.

Almost ten years ago, I married my best friend, Ryan. We have a wonderful relationship that has its struggles, but through God, we have made it! He is my Finally Forever!  He is the Youth Pastor of our church.  Together, we work in Youth ministry and Music ministry.

I am blessed to be the mother of 3 amazing children.  The “President” is 16 and lives and breathes all things music. He loves music more than I do, which I thought was impossible.

The “Baller”, is 10.  She has played every sport available in our town, and is quite the little athlete. She also loves all things girly.  She will dress up in a pageant dress and play ball in the mud.

Then, there’s the “Baby”.  He is almost 8. He is his daddys’ little clone, but loves his mama something fierce.  I call him my genius because the kid is so much smarter at 8, than I am at 36.  All three of our children are such wonderful blessings to my life, even in the hard times.

I am a full time school nurse working with Middle School students.  My students absolutely LOVE the fact that my name truly is Felisha.  I get such a kick out of them talking to me just so they can say “Bye Felisha”.  They love it.  Being a school nurse can sometimes be a challenge, but I love working with kids and hope to make a positive difference in their lives.  School nursing is by far the best nursing job I have ever had.

I love Alabama Crimson Tide Football!  My family is all Tennessee fans, except for me, and it’s all my daddy’s fault.  (I’ll tell that story later).

I hope that you continue to stop by and can take something from this blog that helps you to grow closer in your walk with God.

In His Love and Laughter,