I want to be a prayer warrior. I want to be one of those women that other people want to have pray for them. I have been blessed with several of those women throughout my life. My great-great grandmother, Mama Lala; my great grandmothers, Granny Nell and Nanny Dean; my grandmothers, Granny Lois and Granny Joyce; my Aunt Trish; my “aunts” Dot and Debbie; my mom, Lori. All of these women have spent so much time talking to Jesus on my behalf, and I am so thankful for it.

5 Generations: Mama Lala, Momma, Nanny Dean, Me and Granny Joyce

There have been seasons of my life that I have felt like I had a pretty good prayer life. In those seasons, I would spend quality time praying for those needs of others around me. Other times, I feel like I let everyone down. I could say that I’m too busy. I could say that I’m not strong enough spiritually to be a prayer warrior.

In actuality, I’ve been distracted. Why? Because, Satan wants to keep me from having that communicative relationship with God. Satan knows that when we talk to God, He hears us and draws us closer to Him, farther away from evil. Satan knows that if I spend my day talking to God, he has no room to sneak his way in.

Satan also knows the importance of good communication in a relationship. Communication is everything to any relationship. My marriage and home would be miserable if my family and I did not communicate. My husband and I struggle when we find ourselves not communicating well. The relationships with my parents and brother would not be as close as they are without good communication.

I think about when my children grow up and move on to the next chapter God has in store for them. My heart breaks to even think about not being able to communicate with them like I do now. God gently reminds me that He feels the same about me. About all of us. He is our Ultimate Dad. He wants to talk to us just as much as we want to talk to our best friend. In fact, that’s what He wants to be, our Best Friend. He can’t be that to us unless we have good communication with him through prayer.

When you think about prayer, do you automatically think of the eloquent, fancy worded prayer that we may believe we should pray? The ones that you hear the saints around you pray? If you can pray like that, I applaud you. I simply can’t. I personally feel that if I try and sound fancy when I pray, it comes across fake.

I also find that as a busy mom, I get distracted. I will plan to stow away into my prayer time, but Satan knows how to change my plans. He will remind of the last minute science project, or the load of laundry, or the two week old finger nail polish I’m wearing. I try to start my day with 30 minutes of prayer in my car on my way to work, and most days that is exactly what I do. Then there are days when road rage distracts me.

Another problem I have in being distracted in prayer is at church. You heard me right, I said at church. The time that is set apart to be spirit filled for special communication with God. I usually prayed silently. I would start my prayer, and then become distracted by what someone around me was saying out loud. Or, my children would do something to get my attention, and then again, my prayer would be distracted.

Have you watched the movie “War Room”? That movie really spoke to me regarding my prayer life. I longed for that passion, that fire, that desire to pray. I yearned for the prayer life that was undistracted.
I prayed for God to strengthen my prayer life. So, I “War Roomed” my prayers!

Back up your prayers with scripture! The Bible is the living source of all that we need in our life. For every problem that we have in life, the Bible has scripture to go along with it. Adding scripture to your prayer gives you a deeper connection to what it is you’re praying for. It also gives me a verse of the day, or passage of the day to reflect on.
And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: – 1 John 5:14 NKJV

Write out your prayers! I find that if I take the time to put my pen to paper in prayer, I tend to remember all those prayer requests from church. I become more invested in my prayer, and less distracted. I also have those prayers to look back on and rejoice when that prayer is answered! What a joy it is to see 1 John 5:14 come to fruition!!

Pray out loud! This one has been a little harder to overcome, but I find that if I will at least whisper my prayer during prayer time at church, I am hearing myself pray and not someone else! I no longer allow Satan to distract me during my prayer time at church. My spirit is allowed to soar with Jesus, instead of feeling defeated by Satan.

Pray all day!!!! I love this one! Earlier I mentioned good communication. If I only talked to Ryan once, maybe twice a day, we would have serious marital problems. God wants to talk to me more than that too. So I talk to him all day. I talk to him just like I would a friend beside me. I just talk to God. Like I would my Dad. My Heavenly Father, My Dad, God.

These few steps have really changed the way I feel about my prayer life. I know that I fail. I know that there are days that I don’t talk to him nearly enough. I do know that I am a lot less distracted in my prayer life than I used to be. The more I talk to Him, the more He talks to me. The more He walks with me. The more He laughs at me.

In His love and laughter,